Friday, 10 October 2008

First English Assignment Done

Greetings all.

One of the modules I take on my English course is 'Narrative: Literature and Film'. I really enjoy this module as it looks at the development of Narrative (Narrative being What the story is and then how the story is presented). Anyways, my Narrative seminar is on Wednesday and my tutor informed us that our first Formative Assignment was due in today - today being friday.

Now it's not all that of a biggie in that this assignment is more for our Tutors benefit to see where our skill levels are and if we need any help with anything in particular.

For the assignment I had to write two 500 word essays comparing 2 video's and then compare 2 pieces of text. It took me 49 minutes and 38 seconds - it was all done online timed. So yea, I am pretty chuffed with myself, I am quite confident that I managed to waffle on well enough to complete the brief.

I thought I would just give a bit of an update with my course.

Keep safe, have fun and God bless